About Us

Learn about NanoByteHosting as a company.

NanoByteHosting is a high-performance web hosting provider. With almost two years in the industry as a hosting provider, we are extremely experienced, and can solve a plethora of issues for you; be it account migration to database setup to malware removal.

We're a friendly and vocal bunch - we'll try our hardest to respond to you on time, and ensure your satisfaction.

Our hosting plans have great value for the price, and are only run on the fastest servers we have. We are constantly striving to exceed your expectations without leaving you with an empty pocket.

We offer many features, such as 99.9% uptime, free SSL, and DDoS protection as standard.

We're here to assist you day or night, and are ready to go the huge length it takes to ensure you're fully satisfied with our services.

Wow, servers rock! Support is great, and helped me with all issues. Keep it up!
- PuffleCP100

Our Hardware and Network


Web Hosting

We use Intel Xeon processors coupled with a 1Gbps network, plus a minimum of 32GB RAM installed on each individual server.

We believe speed is crucial in the web hosting industry - that's why we operate an SSD-only network. SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives, and provide a speed boost of up to four times. They also have so many more benefits.

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