Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


We provide full support, and even help you with third-party products such as WordPress if needed.

We currently accept PayPal as our only payment method. No PayPal account is required, so you can pay directly via credit or debit card.

After 5 days from the due date, your service will automatically be suspended.

After suspension, your website, domain name or server will no longer be accessible. You have 10 days from the suspension date to pay the overdue invoices. After 10 days, the service will be terminated, and all data will be deleted.

NanoByteHosting offers one (1) free subdomain per hosting service to all our web hosting customers who do not have a domain or do not wish to use one. If you require one, please submit a ticket before ordering a service.

We provide full e-mail access, along with custom addresses. Please note the amount of emails sent and recieved are limited to your bandwidth and the maximum emails sent per hour allowance (100 per hour).

A control panel is a tool where you can not only manage your website, but also manage your e-mail, FTP, view detailed statistics and much more. This is all achievable due to our popular and feature-packed control panel - cPanel.

We do not charge you if you exceed your bandwidth, however your service will be suspended, and the only way to unsuspend it will be to either wait until the next month or purchase an additional data pack.

Login to cPanel, scroll down a little and you'll see a "Visitors" link. Click on it and you'll be able to see your visitors as well as their IP address.

On our shared servers, we use Intel Xeon Processors, solid state drives, and a minimum of 32GB RAM installed on each server.


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